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Rasilimali Shirikishi

Rasilimali Shirikishi

The Agency established e-government operating environment that enabled Public Institutions to implement sustainable e-government initiatives in an effective, efficient and integrated manner by implementing e-government shared infrastructure (Government Communication Network - GovNet, Government Data Center - GDC,  Government Mobile Platform – mGov) and shared systems (Government Mailing System - GMS, Government e-Office System - GeOS). In addition, the Agency provided technical assistance and advisory in the development and implementation of shared systems such as Business Portal, e-procurement and maintenance/operations of existing shared systems.

Government Communication Network (GovNet)

The Agency established a secure and affordable shared network communication across the Government, whereby 72 MDAs and 77 LGAs are connected to the network. Some MDAs such as Vice President’s Office, Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Works, Communication and Transport, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and East Africa Community, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment, Ministry of Home Affairs that have already shifted to Dodoma are connected to GovNet.

The 77 LGAs are across 20 Regions and within each region the connected sites are the Regional Hospital, the Regional Secretariat Office, The District Council and the Municipal or City Council. In addition, Network Operating Center (NOC) was established for 24/7 centralized network monitoring, problems reporting and incident response. GovNet and Tanzania Internet Exchange (TIX) have a direct connection of 1Gbps link with average utilization of 0.85Gbps which improve local service availability to local service providers by keeping local contents local within the country.

Government Data Center (GDC)

he Government established state of the art data centres to enhance information systems hosting environment that enable sharing of ICT resources among Public Institutions. The data centres provide hosting services as primary and disaster recovery for virtual, websites, applications, co-location and domain registration and hosting.

Government Bandwidth Management Platform

The Government has procured an Indefeasible Right of Use (IRU) of 1.55 Gbps of International bandwidth delivered to the Government via redundant Upstream Service Providers namely SEACOM and EASY using submarine Fibre cable for ten years from 2012. To date, the Agency as bandwidth administrator, has received, processed, and approved allocations to 182 Public Institutions including Public Hospitals, Schools and Universities. The agency is accredited as a domain name registrar of .go.tz

Government Mobile Paltform (mGov)

Government Mobile Platform (mGov) http://mgov.ega.go.tz was developed in 2015 asone stop center for all Government mobile services. mGOV offers services via SMS both Push SMS (Government to Citizens SMS service) and Pull SMS (Citizens to Government SMS). It also offers Menu Based Services (USSD application) and Mobile Application (Android and IOS). mGov is connected to major mobile operators in Tanzania via a shared SMS short code 15200 and USSD short code *152*00#.  In collaboration with the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) the Agency allocates short code service numbers from the Reserved Government Block to ensure mobile services from Public Institutions are available through *152*00# to 152*99#. A total of 117 Public Institutions using and more than 15 million transaction have been made.

Government Mailing System (GMS)

The Agency designed, developed and operationalized the Government Mailing System (GMS) after a survey of silos mailing systems in Public Institutions revealing the existence of common problems of scattered, unsecured and unreliable e-mail communication. To date a total of 359 Public Institutions including Embassies are using the Government Mailing System. 

Government e-Office Sytem (GeOS)

Government e-Office System (GeOS) was developed to facilitate day to day Government administrative process involving movement of files and documents within and amongst Public Institutions. It is accessible through https://eoffice.gov.go.tz in all Public Institutions connected to the Government Communication Network (GOVNET) using official Government email Address. A total of 28 Public Institutions have been connected and are using the system.